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 04/14/17 - DEATH MASK video is out now, along with OVERZEALOUS.


03/18/17 - OVERZEALOUS, part 3 of the debut trilogy from Eski, is available for pre-order now at


01/09/17 - Here we are, new year! Updated Interview & Review sections! And more recording will be done! The madness never ends!


12/30/16 - More updates in the REVIEWS section, thank you to The Bandcamp Diaries & Jamsphere!  New year is approaching. New music, video(s) & hopefully a lot of extras coming in 2017!


11/18/16 - TREACHEROUS is out now! Available for purchase digitally on iTunes & Amazon, and available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, Deezer, Napster & Tidal


10/7/16 - More updates in the PRESS section, thank you to !  Also, new music might be on the way for Halloween....


9/24/16 - Updated the PRESS section with some new reviews, thanks to NataliezWorld & Stereo Stickman!


9/10/16 - Welcome to the brand new!


9/05/16 - VILLAINOUS has just been released, and is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby!




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